About Us

The name "Pneumatic" (meaning pressurized) was coined for its intentions on recognizing the pressures associated with internal development. Our venue seeks to relieve that pressure by creating a safe, drug-free space where people of different ages, ethnicities, cultures, ideologies, sexual identities, musical tastes, and economic backgrounds can come together to experience music and art in a way that transcends commercial entertainment and builds community.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Pneumatic Sound Studio & Workshop to catalyze personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and the arts by fostering creativity at all levels in Evansville, IN.

Our Vision

Pneumatic envisions a genuine, participatory all-ages music and art community in Evansville. At our fundamental core, Pneumatic identifies popular music as a vital source for this, and that people of all ages have the ability and right to shape their culture. We strive to provide the service of hosting all-ages concerts consistently to generate a healthy arts community. By utilizing this all-ages concept, we will create paths geared toward learning and interacting with one another while nurturing a vibrant and progressive community in Evansville.

Our Values

The following values encompass our mission and vision, while prioritizing the betterment of the Evansville community:

  • Participation in music and art to bring people together and encourage creative, personal expression and development.
  • Contributions made by the youth in popular music and arts.
  • All-ages, cross-generational skill sharing and communication.
  • Volunteering as a powerful and necessary aspect of community building.
  • The power to learn new skills to enhance personal growth, civic engagement, and political activism.
  • Collaboration with individuals and organizations that share or build upon our goals.
  • Cultural independence and artistic experimentation.
  • Responsiveness to current art trends, youth culture, and community input.
  • Being open and inviting to all those who seek to attend and participate in a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment.
  • Organizational transparency.
  • Having the ability to pursue creative desires, regardless of income level.
  • Empowering members of the community to make changes where wanted and needed.

Learn more about our organization by reading our 2017 Strategic Plan. Have other questions? Contact us!