Get Involved

This is your venue, so get involved how you want to! Pneumatic wouldn't exist without your help. Lend a hand and help us put on a show by either volunteering, applying for Membership, or making a charitable donation to our cause!



We want to empower our volunteers to choose what they'd like to do. See the story unfold in your own way. Volunteers can run shows, assist in teaching classes, curate art exhibitions, help with odds and ends...anything you want to do!



As a Pneumatic Member, you are the leading body of the organization. You will help create and review programs, raise money, promote events, and have voting power to determine the organization's future in tandem with our Board of Directors.



A vital component that drives and sustains our organization. Become a monthly donor, make a one-time donation, sponsor an event, or purchase some merchandise. Every bit helps and will go a long way in ensuring a bright future for Evansville's artists and musicians.