Interested in volunteering? Great! Your efforts in helping Pneumatic go a long way and are much appreciated. Follow the steps below to get on board with us as a volunteer. Trust us, being a volunteer is all the rage!


Step One: Fill Out an Application

Just follow the link below and fill in some basic information requirements and agree to our volunteer waiver of liability. Don't worry, we're not shady and do not share any personal volunteer information.


Step Two: Attend a Required Orientation

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, we ask that you attend Pneumatic's Volunteer Crash Course. Here you will learn more about Pneumatic and the cogs in out machine that keep us moving! We will help you meet other volunteers and our staff will introduce themselves. No scheduling is necessary, just find a scheduled orientation and show up!


Step Three: Join Our Volunteer Facebook Group

By being a part of our Volunteer Facebook Group, you can stay current on everything; volunteer opportunities, news, events, internship opportunities, job openings for partner organizations...you name it! This shouldn't be a promotion page, but rather a resource to stay tuned in. Of course, feel free to use it to post any questions you might have!